Gina Russo for Judge READ MORE READ MORE EXPERIENCE • Current Municipal Court Judge • Prior Common Pleas Court Judge • Prior Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor • Prior Civil Litigator

Thank you for your support

Hello, I am Judge Gina Russo. I currently serve on the Franklin County Municipal Court and previously served on the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. I am running to retain my seat in November 2021, and humbly ask for your vote.

My role as a municipal court judge is an important one and I take this responsibility very seriously. Because of my extensive litigation and judicial experience, I understand the lasting impact each case has on the parties involved and our community as a whole. With over a decade of complex civil litigation practice in addition to significant felony criminal prosecution work, not only do I have the range of experience, but also the substantive knowledge, necessary to serve the people of Franklin County.

I am well-respected for my work ethic, temperament, and objectivity, and I treat all people with dignity and respect. Fairness, impartiality and equal access to justice for all are the hallmarks of my judicial philosophy. Each and every day, I work hard to actively listen to the people who come before me and to give their case the time, attention and detail it deserves. I apply the law fairly and faithfully, manage my docket efficiently, and I am careful to use our county’s resources wisely.

My goals as a municipal court judge are to maintain the community’s faith in the judicial system, mete out my responsibilities in a fair and unbiased manner, and work hard to keep your trust and support. I am committed to helping the citizens of Franklin County improve their lives, while while keeping our communities safe. I genuinely care about our community and want to see it thrive. As your judge, I am dedicated to do my part.

~Judge Gina Russo